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Rank High in Google with SEO Authority…3 Methods to Get Authority

The new word in Search Engine Optimization is “Authority.” Google was making a shift in their algorithm throughout the previous two decades. Now they’re highlighting sites with Authority. What this indicates is that a website is awarded Authority from other web sites and from Google itself.

Web 2.0

Socially oriented media sites (MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube for blogging and social bookmarking web sites. Using these types of web sites is the newest approach to improve the Authority Google gives to your website.

Link Building

One big determining factor in Google page ranking is the number and quality of links from websites with high Google page rankings. While tthese links are just one way to give your site authority. This is a strong statement that says your website is top quality and great enough to allow them to link to you. Link exchange may be helpful as long as you are exchanging with sites which have high positions with Google. The further, quality links that your site has, the greater you page ranking will get.

Content Marketing

Targeted content is vital. Understand what your target market is looking for and supply the solution with your targeted keywords and keyword phrases. Your web site should consist of minimum 250 words of articles that is continually being updated. Google will understand your web site as a fresh resource for the keyword phrases you are targeting. This will provide you with upper hand over most websites that allow their advice to become irrelevant since they do not update on a regular basis. This will provide your site Authority in the eyes of Google!

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